Inoreader Status Update

Hey guys, we know it’s been a while since our last big announcement and you might be wondering what’s going on in Inoreader’s HQ. We’ve been let down by some of our key developers and that’s why you haven’t seen updates of our mobile apps in a while. We want to bring you only the best in terms of development, so it’s taking a lot of time for us to find a worthy replacement. We are also considering a remote position especially for skilled Android and iOS developers who are familiar with RSS and RSS readers. If you are interested see our careers page and drop us a line.

We are still going strong and investing more than ever into Inoreader. Remember The Black Mirror, our backup datacenter? It’s now as powerful as our main DC and can independently run the whole Inoreader infrastructure in case our primary DC fails. We have upgraded our StorPool storage to a hybrid SSD+HDD system, which can now delivers a massive 100k+ IOPS performance to our databases. We are now amassing a whopping 230TB or combined raw storage space in our two DCs. And speaking of databases, we have so many now that we recently started backing up to tapes:

Keeping a full article archive forever takes lots of space and our backups are already nearing a dozen of 6.5TB tapes. We have never deleted a single article since our start in 2013 and all of them are available through our search for FREE!

— Inoreader (@Inoreader) May 21, 2019

Development of the platform have been steady with daily updates to the backend that you usually don’t see, but they improve the stability and performance of the system and fix annoying bugs. In fact our backend and web frontend commits graph shows that we’ve even increased development in 2019:

Number of commits per week between Jun 2018 and Jun 2019

We’ve also been working on a Zapier integration for a while now and our app is already in public beta stage and should be officially launched by the end of June 2019. You are invited to try it out even now:

Last but not least, we have been working on something huge for quite some time now and we hope that soon we will be able to show it to you. Just hang on a little longer and prepare for something big!

The Inoreader Team

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