2020 Culturati Will Redefine Africa’s Tourism Sector, Says Aregbe – Thisdaylive.com

including, arts & cultural fair, symposium, fashion show and runway, music & dance, drama, cocktail, special recognition and awards.”
Aregbe explained that the cocktail event would serve as an avenue to introduce a movie titled This is Lagos,’ designed to showcase tourism and investment opportunities in Lagos, essentially to bring to visitors’ notice developments, capture important landmarks in the state, while also presenting an exciting adventure for attendees, as the state gradually navigates into a post-pandemic economy.
At the event, he said: “We will be integrating different cultures inspired by the theme of Culturati 2020, where we intend to create a synergy between African culture and other continents as a means to foster rewarding collaborations while exploring the rich diversities of different cultures.
“Culturati reflects the cultural diversity of African societies, and is a vehicle to establish a revival of Africa’s fading culture, while also promoting cultural tourism,” he said.
To ensure sustenance, he pointed out that Culturati would continuously make greater use of Africa’s creative talents in the continent, of its drama, films and music as effective tools for raising awareness among the African people, on the need for a change in negative attitudes and values, in the drive to boost economic development.
The convener added that the dedication was inspired by the need to acquaint younger generations with the values, beauties, and legacies of the continent’s cultural heritage.
Aregbe, a visionary, entrepreneur and youth leader par excellence, further described culture as a vital factor that could unleash the latent economic potentials propel more development for Africa.
“A force capable of unleashing the latent economic potentials in the African culture, knowing that the various unique underpinnings thereon, readily form a veritable source of creative expressions, value creation and youth empowerment, all of which resonate with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.
In order to not just boost economic development but also sustain such, Aregbe believed that cultural values must be in place and governed by transparency, accountability, trustworthiness and empowerment.

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