German new museum ignites colonial controversy – – Africanews

Forum said.
In a year of Black Lives Matter movement and many monument which symbolize colonialism overthrown, the criticism of the museum is growing, while debate around looted art has intensified.
The Forum worked with an international expert team to set up the project. George OKello Abungu is Ex-General Director of National Museum of Kenya and Member of the International Expert Team.
 »They have worked with communities, with individuals, with stakeholders, to create something that will lead to co-creation, co-exhibition, co-researching and look at the issues of provenance of the materials that are contested so that at the end of the day we can start to deal with difficult issues of history », Abungu added.
The new Humboldt Forum was conceived to become a hub for exchanges between the cultural and scientific realms, and to showcase global culture and become a symbol of tolerance and diversity in reunified Germany.
The museum is one of the largest cultural project in Europe with nearly $848 million pumped into it. Its big opening to the public is scheduled for the spring.

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