Web Archiving: “This Internet Librarian is on a Mission to Archive the Web Before it is Deleted”

Ed. Note: A big congrats to infoDOCKET friend Mark Graham. His efforts as well as the efforts of his entire team at the Internet Archive are vital and essential.

From The Telegraph:

Mark Graham fears that valuable parts of human history are being wiped out before our eyes.

As the director of the Wayback Machine, a website that records how individual webpages have changed over time, he is acutely aware of how important it is to keep a record of what is being posted – and where.


“If we want future generations to have the opportunity to learn from history then it is imperative that history be available to them,” Graham says. “Over the last few decades, almost all of human knowledge communication has been digital and while that has afforded a dramatic increase in the volume and the frequency, it has also brought with it a fragility.”

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